Write for your readers

“An audience is never wrong. An individual of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles in the dark – that is critical genius.” -Billy Wilder

Targeting at the wrong audience may get you in a huge trouble when you are writing a piece of article.


It reminds me one of my silly mistakes I’ve made during my short silly life when I was seeking for topics for my InterCardiff final feature.

At the very beginning, I didn’t even know my final feature is supposed to be written for the audience of InterCardiff so I totally confused the audience I need to target. I ended up falling for a topic about LGBT community in China and my news hook was about something happening far away in America, which was, apparently, totally a disastrous choice.

So, how to appeal to the audience of InterCardiff? First, we need to know who they are.

  1. Students and staff, especially international students. InterCardiff is a dynamic and comprehensive platform where not only local news but also global news will be welcomed for Cardiff itself is an international city with diversified, open and tolerant social environment.
  2. General public of Cardiff and the whole Wales. Though organized by students and staff of JOMEC in Cardiff, this website contains everything a Welsh would like to know: what’s going on in Wales or Cardiff, local cuisine, government new policies, seven places you’ll never wish to miss in Cardiff, etc.
  3. Those who care about young generation and education. As members of Cardiff University, every  our action represents JOMEC and Cardiff.Those who are concerned about how young people are acting will like to have a look at the work of Cardiff students.


Then what kind of story would appeal to those groups of people?

Undoubtedly, something that happened in Wales or the UK, that is relevant to or will have an impact on the InterCardiff audience or even something  global but is of great shock and significance will all be worth being presented on InterCardiff.

Finally, I changed my topic into the current living condition of settled down refugees in Cardiff since the most recent figures show that 182 refugees were resettled in Wales with 21 of them in Cardiff between July and September, which has been welcomed by local leading charity.

This is not the end of a story, instead, it is a start of a new life. I believe my audience of InterCardiff would like to know whether they are living well or not and what kind of pleasant changes the refugees have brought to the local communities.

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