How was INP?

I have to say it’s really not a good time to ask me this question because I’m struggling hard in hitting all of those deadlines at the end of this semester.

A few hours ago when I was texting with Cassie, a girl from another pathway documentary, like I’m going to die in the library sad and alone because of those cursed papers and features, I was asked a question: if given another chance to choose a major, would you choose IJ-Multimedia again? I stared at the short sentence of words and the silly question mark on the phone screen for a while and then typed two words: Definitely Yes!

Last struggle in Art and Social Studies Library

To be honest, I’m so glad that I survived through this semester for it’s really a tough one for me.

I never experience such things before: going outside to the streets to do Vox Pop, wandering around every corner of this city to find an interesting story, commencing all my courage to talk to strangers and so on. All of those things are so valuable to me, a green hand in journalistic world. I dare to say that all of those skills I’ve learned in the last three months are more useful and practical than things I learned in my whole previous university life. Sorry, professors of Soochow University, please don’t be mad at me.

This is the picture I took in a graffiti exhibition when I did a review for InterCardiff.
I became friend with Frank, the owner of Rose St Flea Market, who I got to know when I was doing secret place in Cardiff.

So far, I enjoyed the carefully and delicately designed module schedule, enthusiastic and experienced tutors, warm coursemates who are always willing to lend a hand, dynamic and vibrant learning environment… I’m able to keep talking till night If I’m not interrupted.

The best part of this course is that I did learn to produce something that is original and intriguing, which is totally an amazing outcome for me!

And this is an explainer video made by me and Jo together, the first video ever in my life!

A few seconds later Cassie texted me back saying: Me Too with a big smiling emoji. I guess everyone has gained something from this major.

That was the opening day of this year’s Cardiff Christmas Market and I was busy doing Vox Pop on the street.

I guess everyone has gained something from this major. We’re willing to stay up late, to “suffer” from loads of paperwork, to put up with continuously rejected interview invitations. That’s where the magic of INP lies in.

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