Bring life to your news?

A context-heavy piece of news or article is often seen as lacking of competitiveness for online press publications rely more and more on multimedia to increase the shareability  and visualization of its news. It is true that some context-heavy articles are short of some elements appealing to its readers so that multimedia like explainer videos and infographics are suggested to be embedded.


Infographics have been a great solution used to visually explain an overwhelming or complicated topic with much data or statistics so as to make it shareable on social media to boost on-platform news consumption. Highly shareable and visualized infographics make analysis intriguing and easily understandable.

Piktochart is one of a brilliant web-based infographic application which is highly user-friendly and accessible. Even users without intensive experience as graphic designers can easily create a professional-grade infographic using some templates.

So what kind of infographics are there and how do we know which one suit our articles best?

Piktochart is claiming there are 8 types of infographics:

1. Visualised Article

2. Flowchart

3. The Timeline

4. Useful Bait

5. Versus Infographic

6. Number Porn

7. Photo Infographic

8. Data Vis

And based on that, one can follow this flowchart below to find which kind of infographics is needed.


As long as you have data and statistics, you can always create an amazingly eye-catching infographic of different styles.

Here is an infographic I created base on a piece of news on 2016 US election: US election 2016: Trump victory in maps


See, easy? Go and create your own infographic in your next piece of news!

Explainer video

An explainer video is a short web video of one to three minutes that supplements textual information. It aims to explain things in a limited time, saving the time of both producers and audience, and can be embedded in a wide range of online platforms like emails, blogs, newsletter, etc.

Here are some good examples: The 10 Best Explainer Video Ever

You can make your own explainer videos by using cost-effective software or web apps.

Here is an explainer video made by me and my colleague Jo Lee, talking about how to borrow books in Bute Library.

Intriguing? Trust me, you will love it!

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