Sweet and Bitter

What life taught me is staying strong and keeping going.

After being here for two months, I found myself totally fall in love with this open and tolerant city that has an amazingly spectacular Autumn with clear crystal sky.

To be honest, I from time to time feel frustrated and a little bit blue due to the lack of journalism background and my broken English. However, I know that is not the excuse to fall behind. All I need to do is to keep trying, to keep moving forward even if there’re setbacks, shames and embarrassments waiting ahead. All the sweet and bitter experiences are too precious parts of my short life to be forgotten.

It’s a little bit embarrassing for me, a journalism student, to admit that it’s the first time I heard about the word: Vox Pop. Challenging and difficult as it seemed to be, I finished it surprisingly successfully and smoothly which was totally out of my expectation. Actually, I really worried about it  before going out onto the street. Sometimes, things are not as tough as you imagined for those difficulties have just been exaggerated by your fears and shyness. And the best part of this Vox Pop is a traditional welsh cake I received from a family after the interview. When the kind sir asked me if I would like a piece of welsh cake, it is no exaggeration to say that I almost burst into tears and took one gratefully. “I wish you all the best and all the happiness,” he said to me with a big warm smile when they were leaving. I’m determined to keep all those warm memories deeply rooted in my mind so that I’ll find a motivation for myself to move forward when knocked down by setbacks some day in the future.

The warm family I interviewed outside the Cardiff central market gave me a piece of welsh cake. Ps: The photo has got the permission of the parents.

And, of course, Gregynog, the most amazing and fantastic place I’ve ever been to after arriving in Britain! All those breathtaking views, clear Autumn sky, lazy sheep on the hills are exactly the same  scene that British countries should be. As a tradition of MAIJ, this dissertation journey brought me not only inspirations but also moving moments.

The breathtaking view of Gregynog

Here I would like to say thank you to Matt for helping me identify a doable subject in a particular field I’m interested in. I feel really lucky that I would do some research in the anti-whaling campaign. What’s more, intriguing activities like ballon debate and question quiz brought us close to each other. The scene when all our colleagues gathered together trying to come up with ideas about the proposal in the room is such a moving moment.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
The Great Gregynog Balloon Debate

I didn’t even realize that two months already passed by until I jumped off the coach from Gregynog. I walked back home in the darkness of the cold Autumn night and wished everything would be okay  in the face of approaching deadlines.


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