Chasing news

Where there are people, there is news.

This world is never short of news for people are everywhere. It’s hard to say that’s a good or bad news for us journalists. It may take a quite long time to find an interesting story that appeals to your targeted readers, and even longer time to seek for the follow-up for a particular piece of news.


For me, finding news stories is a bloody challenging task. I often find myself browse the Internet randomly only to find nothing suitable to write down. But we all have to admit that the Internet is excellent if not the best source of news stories due to the shareability of information and engagement of the audience on social media. One can easily get useful and latest information on the Internet that may help you find a brand new story.

However, as far as I’m concerned, the key point to cultivate an ability to find new stories is to develop a habit of observation and an acute sense of the news. A good journalist has a kind of ability that at the fist sight of an event or incident he will know that it is news!


In some cases, finding news stories entails courage as well. This Thursday journalist Ela Stapley gave us a lecture about her journalistic experiences in reporting violence in Mexico. As a freelance journalist, Ela had to deal with various tricky problems and face dangers and threats alone from time to time. She even got kidnapped on the way of reporting. “I was so lucky that I didn’t get critically injured, raped and killed,” she said, with a peaceful and smiling face. After all those stress, trauma, death threats and killings, Ela got a PTSD. It took three months for her to even realize that she’s severely ill and at least one year to stand against it. So chasing news can be a quite dangerous game which may cost you your entire life and your whole family.

Ela was talking about her thrilling experience of being kidnapped.

It’s our duty to find news stories and bring truth to the public. Hope we all stay curious and tough in  fulfilling our journalistic dreams.

image credits: Google

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