Where do you stand?

Newspapers in the UK are quite diversified in terms of their style and contents. Coverages of the same issue in different newspapers may differ a lot due to their various types, writing styles and stances.

Let’s take a careful look at a story that was differently presented by The Guardian and The Daily Mail. It was a human rights case that a Bolivian migrant who faced deportation finally could legally stay in the UK because he had a cat. And this case was referred by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, in a speech at the Conservative Party conference in 2011. She has criticized the defects of the Human Rights Act and thought that it needed to go. This case has been written in very different ways.


As a right-wing newspaper, The Daily Mail’s attitude was rather mocking. Standing at a perspective of the Conservative Party, it demonstrated that the court’s decision was absurd, referring to the words of one immigration judge, Judith Gleeson, who remarked in the office decision that the cat “need no longer fear having to adapt to Bolivian mice”. Also, the language was simple and not that deeper. (Click link to see the report: Migrant facing deportation wins right to stay in Britain…because he’s got a cat)

On the other hand, The Guardian, a left-wing newspaper, directed the spearhead of its attack at the Home Office. It used reasoned tone to persuade readers to be critical and offered in-depth analysis to dig out more factors hidden behind. In this case, The Guardian was supportive of the Human Rights Acts and criticized the Home Office and Theresa May of being biased and twisting the case. It’s not that too many considerations were given to the couple’s cat, because the cat was only taken into account as part of the couple’s life together, it’s the Home Office trying to shift audience attention in order to get rid of the HRA. (Theresa May’s twisted tale of a Bolivian’s cat)

Whether a journalist or a newspaper can be highly fair and impartial on reporting a piece of news? It’s hard to say. At least, it is what they think of the fairness and justice. And once one loses his stand and perspective, where should he stand to look at this world?


image credits: Baidu

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