Cardiff, be proud of your people!

Cardiff, a quiet and humble city at the first sight, revealed itself to all of us and showed  us how amazing it truly is in this short one-month student life by far.

The Chinese believe that human beings are shaped by the land around them. And maybe it is due to the size and terrain of this city that people here possess both the mildness of oceans and the vivaciousness of valleys.

Cardiff Castle

This feeling is not made out of nothing. Hannah Maund, the local banker of TSB Bank of Cardiff, is just a typical Welsh. She is a young lady who loves parties but is also professional and dedicated in her work. When my debit card was locked due to the incorrect information in bank letter, she informed me as quickly as possible and resolved this issue efficiently and professionally so that more subsequent problems could be avoided in time. On the other hand, Hannah secretly told me where to find small size high-heels, which club is worth going and the fantastic Christmas in Cardiff. From this, I saw a natural combination of gentleness and liveliness in a Cardiff girl who moved me deeply and made me feel at home in this strange and mysterious country at the very beginning of my new life.

Cardiff city hall

Another benefit of small cities is the community spirit that built from the base of citizens’ lives. As a small city, Cardiff has a charming magic of uniting its people, which is really rare in Beijing or Shanghai in China. The great pajama picnic in honor of the centenary of the birth of Roald Dahl, a British writer born in Wales, gave me an insight into the community spirit represented by the Cardiff people.  Hundreds of families gathered together at Bute Park, with picnic lunch spread on the lawn. Children and dogs were chasing ‘the big peach’ hung in the air. Everyone actively participated in the event and everyone’s role mattered. It is a touching scene where all the people unite together and strive for one common goal. And that is the most profound impression Cardiff left on me.

whole city carnival

Every corner of Cardiff deserves exploring and people here compose the most pleasant poem for this city.

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