New adventure of Shen Danyang in IJ starts

Shen Danyang, coming from Dalian, China, is an adventurous and elegant girl who always dares to explore new things.

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She stayed in Washing DC, the US for one and a half year, studying law in JD program. There, she worked as an intern in DC laws students in court, an organization aiming to help those who can not afford legal consulting service. Shen was greatly engaged in offering free legal help to lower class citizens and in solving conflicts between either landlords and tenants or employers and employees. As long as you hold a positive attitude to them, they will treat you as the same,said Shen.

However, she gradually found that she was not that passionate about becoming a lawyer and then developed a great interest in journalism and communication. Afterward, Shen dropped out of the Brooklyn Law School and transferred her major to international journalism in Cardiff University to pursue her true ambition and career goal.

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Capricious as it seemed to be, Shen gained the 100 per cent of backup from her family. Actually, the only expectation of her family for her is to be true to herself. And maybe that is the largest reason that she is always willing to take adventures and to experience all kinds of aspects of life, regardless of the outcomes. Undoubtedly, Shen traveled to various places all around the world, experiencing diversified cultures and tasting local cuisines.

And Shen Danyang just started another adventure in Cardiff in this refreshing Autumn.

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